Common Problems with Wall and Floor Ceramics

As a component that covers most of the interior of the house from the bathroom to the kitchen, it seems impossible if the floor and wall tiles never experience problems. The problems that occur in floor and wall tiles sometimes sound trivial, but if left unchecked, the impact can be quite detrimental. Not only affects the appearance of the interior of the house, dirty and damaged ceramics can harm and endanger the occupants of the house.

Here are some common problems that occur in ceramic floor and wall houses according to DuBose Home Inspection, Inc.

Moss or mildew is a problem that often occurs on wall tiles and bathroom floors. This happens because the ceramic walls and bathroom floors are often exposed to water and moisture, thus triggering the growth of moss and fungus. The presence of moss and fungus can certainly make the ceramic walls and bathroom floors look dirty. In addition, moss and fungus can also cause ceramics to feel slippery, which can endanger bathroom users. Always check the bathroom tiles regularly and occasionally leave the bathroom doors and windows open to maximize air circulation in the bathroom.

Stains on ceramics
In addition to stains in the form of dirt, stains that usually form on the surface of ceramics are white, crusty stains. Usually, these stains are caused by the wrong cleaning product and water splashes on the ceramic. To fix this, you just need to clean the tiles periodically using the right cleaning products.

Ceramics are not installed properly
This is usually caused by the adhesive material not sticking well to the ceramic, or changes in temperature that make the ceramic expand and release from the adhesive. If left unchecked, the tile can crack or fall off, thus ruining the appearance of the room. To avoid this, make sure the wall or floor tiles you use are properly installed and glued.