Types of Foot Disease and Treatment

In daily activities, the feet become one of the most frequently used parts. For example, to walk, run, or perform movements such as jumping or climbing. So, it’s only natural that the feet are prone to various types of problems. Usually, the first complaint that appears is pain in the legs, either mild or severe. You can feel a dull ache to sharp, stabbing pains, depending on the cause. Either way, the pain shouldn’t be taken lightly as it could indicate something serious! What are the various possible causes of foot disease? Here are review from the best naples podiatrist.

A lump on the side of your big toe may be a bunion. This condition causes your big toe to bend toward the other toes. Of course, this can make you sick when you walk. Inflammation and irritation may also occur in the big toe and big toe. Bunions may be the result of an inherited foot structure or the wrong size and shape of the shoe. Modification of shoes to the right size and pain relief can be a simple solution to help solve the problem of bunions.

Circular circles of thickened skin on the toes or soles of the feet can be eyelets or known as clavus. Your body forms eyelets to prevent blisters on your feet, and they usually don’t hurt right away. Over time, clavus can become irritated and must be treated. In the case of a large clavus, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove it.

Diabetic Neuropathy
Over time, high blood sugar levels can damage nerves, especially those in the legs. Diabetic neuropathy is characterized by tingling, numbness, and pain in the feet. Doing so can risk causing a bigger cut or injury to the foot due to reduced sensitivity. Maintaining good health while regularly controlling blood sugar levels can help you treat this foot disease.

Hammertoe is a disorder of curved toes that point downwards instead of straight ahead. Like many other foot conditions, hammertoe can be caused by genetics, ill-fitting footwear, and arthritis. This condition can cause pain when walking. Wearing shoes that fit properly and using padding can help with your symptoms. In addition, treatment of the cause of this disorder is also needed.

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